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Posted: Sun Oct 24, 2021 6:28 am
by Kendareru
Figured it's been so long, I should do this.
My name is Kendall, but many people know me as Kendar or Kendareru. I was born the Ides of March in 1986. I'm working on a book, and have been since 2005. I like to sing and do voices, I play video games, and I first read Ender's Game in high school in the early 00's. Unless anything has come out recently, I've read the whole series, including the Shadow books, several times.

I am an ordained minister, and a member of the Brotherhood of Vartra. I'll be performing my first wedding on Halloween.

I work as a direct support personnel with the developmentally disabled.

Anything else you wish to know, feel free to ask.