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Games Posts Deletion Policy EVERYONE PLEASE RE-READ.

Posted: Sun Dec 17, 2006 10:35 pm
by Eaquae Legit
In response to the outcry about the deletion of Games Room threads, this is an announcement.

At least three mods have agreed that threads can and likely will be deleted when they reach 15 pages. We will not delete a thread if it is a game which requires reference to previous posts (example: mafia).

If further modifications need to be made to this policy, they will be.

Posted: Mon Dec 18, 2006 10:29 am
by mr_thebrain
are riddle and trivia threads on the no delete list? just curious because we don't want to have the same riddles and trivia questions appearing over and over and over. wouldn't be any fun. That and they aren't getting used for post count alone.

Posted: Tue Dec 19, 2006 1:17 pm
by Eaquae Legit
I think they can be left alone. Threads that require a bit of history won't be likely to be deleted.

Posted: Tue Dec 19, 2006 1:34 pm
by mr_thebrain
kool, thanks.

btw, thanks for posting this thread. it'll reduce public outcry.

Posted: Tue Dec 19, 2006 3:06 pm
by mr_thebrain
well, the trivia and riddle threads are still fun! and they probably won't be deleted. in fact they are the only threads i have any interest in going to anymore in the game room.

Posted: Sat Mar 20, 2010 3:49 pm
by Jayelle
Okay, folks, I'm tired of the complaining every time I delete a games thread so here's the deal...
We delete them for the following reasons:

1. They take up space. Locking them doesn't free up room. We don't yet have archiving technology on this forum, so I can't archive them, which is what I would do in an ideal world.

2. They are mostly filled with fluff and/or one line posts. Word Association, Count to whatever and the like have no meaning, and don't really matter if they get deleted.

3. Games threads often get used for the sake of inflating post count and we want to discourage that and encourage people to be a part of the greater community.
If you don't like your post count going down, you can post in Milagre, posts are never deleted there.

ETA: Oh, and to be clear, I am not singling anyone out here. I am not mad at anyone. In fact, I am very, very rarely mad at anyone on pweb. If I tell you do to something, it's a friendly reminder, not a sign that I hate you or that I want you to leave or whatever.

Posted: Sat Mar 20, 2010 5:37 pm
by Peterlover14
Got it Jayelle. No more complaining.

Re: Games Posts Deletion Policy EVERYONE PLEASE RE-READ.

Posted: Mon Apr 23, 2012 5:44 pm
by Tiny genius
I didn't know that posts on deleted threads were taken off a person's post count. Now I know and thanks.
Personally I think that if you have to post for the sake of a post count you don't deserve to have one. Earn it through actual interaction with the people.

Re: Games Posts Deletion Policy EVERYONE PLEASE RE-READ.

Posted: Mon Jun 10, 2013 1:06 pm
Welp since it got moved to the battle room for the first time in my memory, I have to ask...

Will Calvinball be deleted ever? Mostly I ask because the older post that explains everything about/ how to play calvinball are extremely helpful when a good bit of time has passed and new launchies find it. Keep in mind I will always play it when I pop in.