Ark speculation

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Ark speculation

Postby Framling » Tue Nov 08, 2011 10:20 am

If you haven’t read any of the minor spoilers about Shadows in Flight yet and don’t want to know anything don’t continue.

I think the ark that Bean and his kids find in the upcoming Shadows in flight may be full of indigenous species from the formic home world. The formic knew that Ender’s fleet was coming for their home world. To insure the survival of their species they brought the Hive Queen to Shakespeare for Ender to find and then the ark out into space. Now that the Formic are repopulating throughout the galaxy they will call the ark back to Lusitania to try and get Jane to bring the other species to their new planets and that is how Miro, Young Peter, and the rest of the crew meet up with bean and kids. Because they have been living there with room to grow into big brain type things.
I think there is something else on the ark that the formics want or need something that they never told Ender. Maybe even something Bean and his family have been trying to keep safe.
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