Movies for the rest of the series

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Re: Movies for the rest of the series

Postby The Giant » Tue Jun 04, 2013 11:15 am

Possible spoilers.

They could do the shadow series only if they do in fact include some of Beans story. It doesn't even have to be in depth just make him memorable.

Then in the Shadow of the Hegemon they could possibly do a few flash backs to show how he got to battle school (The street/ introduce Achillies).

Some of the smart crap he does/ creating dragon roster.

Putting everything together that it isn't a game.

The part where he speaks to the crew of the ships at the Formic home planet and quotes scripture ( that part gives me goose-bimps), and then catching Achillies.

Yeah having it typed out it would be helpful if they did a few of these in the movie to set up something, but it could be done in some series of flash backs. The parts about Anton's Key could be saved for the second movie. Eh, just a few thoughts.

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