What do you choose at Donors Choose?

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What do you choose at Donors Choose?

Postby locke » Tue Nov 16, 2010 6:39 am

those who clicked the Moose sticky at the top saw I mentioned my mom's project on Donors Choose

Donors Choose. is a site that lets individuals contribute small amount to classroom projects and classrooms in need all around the country. Teachers put up their projects and the people decide who to support.

The projects range all over, from the heartbreaking needy (paper, basic supplies and textbooks) to the heartwarming accessory (a big reading 'rug' for all the kids to sit on in a group around the teacher reading to them) there's a really huge variety of options to choose from. Some teachers post that they "need" a classroom ipad to make reading "fun" for their kids, while other teachers post they need a few book crates to store and organize all the books currently overflowing their room.

I have several projects I'm going to be supporting and I thought I would post them here and also hopefully get suggestions for other projects. I tend to look at projects in my own areas I've lived in, though if I see others that really catch my fancy I'm always happy to give something to them.

I tend to pick projects based on whether or not I think the teacher would have been a teacher I'd have liked to have had (based on the project description), nostalgic reasons (like, oh! I loved the Weekly Reader! *donates*), and whether or not its a project that just feels appealing. I'm not likely to donate to teachers who post projects like, 'we need ipods for a listening station so the kids will be quiet and can "read" to themselves' on the other hand, I'm not against technology projects, I just tend towards the literary, arty, and sciency projects first. A tech-supplies project I'm likely to donate to a project where it's a traveling music teacher who needs an ipod and speakers to replace the decrepit boom box on the cart she pushes from room to room. And who really wants to support luxury teaching accessories when there are so many projects who just need books and supplies?

So here are some of my current favorites I'm planning on donating to:

Teacher who has 2000 of her own books in her classroom and no place to put them

Gosh, this teacher sounds fun, a teacher who won't scream at kids to stop fidgeting and instead comes up with solutions that give fidgeters something to do in a way that will help them learn

aforementioned Music teacher my elementary music teacher traveled between three schools every week and managed to work in every classroom in each school somehow for our once a week music session. (art was the same way)

Grammer games!

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