OSC fan with OSC book questions

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OSC fan with OSC book questions

Postby antronics » Mon Dec 22, 2008 12:30 pm

..Hello all, I'm new here, so I'll introduce myself. I started out reading Ender's Game (like everyone else haha). Of course I had to read everything else in the Enderverse, finishing recently with Ender in Exile, and including A War of Gifts, and First Meetings. I haven't read all of the short Ender stories from the IGMS website, but I will soon enough.

To start out, I was wondering if any of you could comment (without spoilers haha) on the Ender short stories from IGMS, as in which ones are really good and involved with the Enderverse, (like the way the Mazor story gave good insight about his story, his involvement in the second war, how he came back to battle school etc.)

Secondly, I'd like for some of you to clear up some discrepancies I think I've read in the Ender books. In Ender in Exile, it states that Ender and Peter conversed many times, and that Peter got to read The Hedgemon, but I'm pretty sure that in the speaker series, it states that Ender and Peter only spoke once, and that Peter did not get to read The Hedgemon before he died.

Continuing with Ender, in Ender in Exile, Ender states that the human race got all the technology that they are currently using for the colonazation from the formics, and the only thing humans were good for was long distance communication. Just for clarification, the long distance communication was only possable because of the formics use of the anstable, which uses he philotic web, correct?

Now on to some of the other Orson Scott Card books I've read.

In Pastwatch, it bothers me that Kemel (I believe thats his name), with his strong religious upbringing and beliefs, never brought up the questions about the afterlife and human souls considering that they were going to change the history of the world twice, and remove billions of human lives from existence.

Still in Pastwatch, it also bothers me that Kemel decided right away and never changed his mind, that he had to be murdered after he completed his portion of the mission. To me there was no reason for that to happen, him living with the tribe could have helped with talking to Christopher Colombas and his shipmates. I just think that a brilliant person such as Kemel would have seen that he in no way shape or form had to be murdered. Also, speaking of his murder, the way he proclaimed that his deeds were done in the name of Allah, how would that help the pastwatchers goal of world peace and unity? With a violent strike from the sworn enemy?

Also in Pastwatch, the changes that the team made to history doesn't really seem like they stooped the things they were after stoping. Various enviromental problems, but most glaring to me is the two glaring factions that came to power, Colombas' contenants verses Europe. I thought that the story would go into detail of forming a one world government the way the shadow series did with the hedgemon.

Reading this might make some of you think that I dislike OSC and his works, but to be honest, OSC is my favorite author and I love everything I've read (except for Invasive Procedures, lol.) Most books I've read I didn't care enough to seek out others to comment about, but I can do that all day with any OSC book. Thanks fellow fans for your input.

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Postby perspicacious.emperor » Tue Dec 15, 2009 6:22 pm

I just checked what was written in Giant and Exile.... It's a plot hole.

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Postby ptr.arkanian » Thu Feb 04, 2010 12:57 am

i remember clearly in Shadow of the Giant, Peter converses with Ender once over ansible and Peter does read the book, the Hegemon, before he dies. Petra also reads it to him over his grave.
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Postby Graff^ » Thu Feb 25, 2010 3:10 pm

Since I have misplaced my Shadow of the Giant book, how does he change the names of his children?
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Postby Xenocide_ENDR » Fri Mar 19, 2010 6:47 pm

Hey all, I used to be on this site 24/7 back in 04 and I'm back. I just wanted to say, please read the afterword. He explains and apologizes for everything.
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