How Proximity Affects Compassion

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How Proximity Affects Compassion

Postby EnderBowen » Thu Nov 10, 2016 12:45 pm

So, something about me - I'm very rarely political. In fact, I'm rather apolitical. It's not that I don't have political views - we all do whether we want to have them or not - but I tend to try and come from a place that's compassionate and fair.

I'm not always successful.

This election cycle has been a rather tough one - one of the most polarizing we've ever seen. People are hurt, confused, offended, angry, and downright hostile.

And that's both sides.

It's natural to be angry. It's good to get it out.

But we also need to be considerate of how we get it out. We need to think about the words we say as a means of doing so --

-- Because we may be hurting the ones we love.

Take a breath and a step back, and allow me to share with you how I think we can avoid that by both acknowledging and extending the proximity of family. ... ompassion/

After reading, I would love for you to share your thoughts!

Have a Blessed Day!
Ender Bowen

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