Fanfiction for after Children of the Mind

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Fanfiction for after Children of the Mind

Postby Shupsta » Sun Sep 20, 2015 5:57 pm

I say I guess because I feel dorky saying fanfiction. But anyways I've listened/read the enders series numerous times(thanks to audible) and have despritly wanted to know what happens next. So I'm contemplating writing it, and thought input could only help so here we go.

The way I see it there are questions left at the end of the series which are lines to go down while writing. Here are the ones I've thought of so far.

Where did Peter wangmu miro and Valentine go?

What is quarras problem?

What's going to happen with grego

Will more Antilles be made available to allow more ships to travel instantly?

Should Conflictscome up in the newly settled worlds

Where should beans descendents play a role

How should the descoladores speak?

What should they look like?

Ideas also include

Jane amd Peter being close and bickering because Jane is in a val body and Peters aiua is drawn very close to val for ender was for 300 years.

Peter has the oldest aiua, Jane has the strongest.

Piggies start working with the humans of all the world's.

Chapters start out with human hive queen interactions, I love those.

Beans descendents started their own planet with the drones from shadows in flight and possible started a genetically changed hive queen who they could live with and is very diffrent from the original hive Queens.

Remember vaguely that the drones in shadows in flight say the give Queens are somewhat corrupt or something with how they control? I know that's not the right word but that could be a plot line of how the new hive Queens and the old interact.

Descoladores are Ramen.

Any input would be great.

Also I really am not trying to come across as rude but I do love these books and I don't really want this thread to turn to a "Well I hated this last book" or "I hated this part so maybe rewrite it" . I'm just looking for info on what you would want to see in Shadows Alive, but I probably won't name it that.


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