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Enderverse Canon

Postby philoticweb » Thu Jan 10, 2013 10:34 am

This is a list of Enderverse stories so that hopefully anyone who wants to can try to wrap his / her head around exactly how many stories are out there and what they are. The first section will be the lists followed by a clarifications section.

The stories, listed in no real particular order (though I recommend publication order):

Ender's Game (both original and Author's Definitive Edition)
Speaker for the Dead (both original and Author's Definitive Edition)
Children of the Mind
Ender in Exile
A War of Gifts
Ender's Shadow
Shadow of the Hegemon
Shadow Puppets
Shadow of the Giant
Shadows in Flight (both original and Enhanced Ebook Edition)
Earth Unaware
Earth Afire

The Authorized Ender Companion
Ender's World: Fresh Perspectives on the SF Classic Ender's Game

Short Stories
"Ender's Game"
"Gloriously Bright"
"Investment Counselor"
"The Polish Boy"
"Teacher's Pest"
"Mazer in Prison"
"Pretty Boy"
"A Young Man with Prospects"
"The Gold Bug"
"Ender's Stocking"
"Ender's Homecoming"
"Ender in Flight"

Ender's Game: Battle School #1-5
Ender's Game: Command School #1-5
Ender's Shadow: Battle School #1-5
Ender's Shadow: Command School #1-5
Ender in Exile #1-5
Speaker for the Dead #1-5
Formic Wars: Burning Earth #1-7
Formic Wars: Silent Strike #1-5
Recruiting Valentine
War of Gifts
Mazer in Prison
The League War
Gold Bug

Ender's Game
- Ender's Game: Inside the World of an Epic Adventure
- Ender's Game (Original Motion Picture Score)

Ender's Game Alive: The Full Cast Audioplay

Ender's Game and Speaker for the Dead were republished in 1991 as Author's Definitive Editions and those are the ones you will normally find in the store today. If you want to read the originals, I would recommend checking out Ender's War which contains the original versions of both books.

Shadows in Flight was also published as an Enhanced Ebook, including pictures. Though it is heavily abridged, it also contains 3 additional bits by Orson Scott Card specifically written for the Enhanced Ebook Edition.

The Authorized Ender Companion and Ender's World are companion books. Both contain information about the Enderverse from Orson Scott Card not found anywhere else.

The easiest way to read the short stories is to get First Meetings in Ender's Universe (which contains "Ender's Game," "Investment Counselor," "The Polish Boy" and "Teacher's Pest") and to get a (currently $15/year) subscription to Orson Scott Card's online webzine, Intergalactic Medicine Show which contains the other eight short stories. You can find "Mazer in Prison," "Cheater," "Pretty Boy," and "A Young Man with Prospects" (as well as "Ender's Homecoming on the audiobook version) in the anthology Orson Scott Card's InterGalactic Medicine Show, and all or parts of "A Young Man with Prospects," "Ender's Homecoming," "Ender in Flight," and "The Gold Bug" are in Ender in Exile as is an abridged "Ender's Stocking" in A War of Gifts, but this best value and most complete version is definitely the subscription to the webzine. "Gloriously Bright" can only be found in the January 1991 issue of Analog Science Fiction and Fact magazine.

All of the comics are republished in collections by the same name. The one issue comics Recruiting Valentine, War of Gifts, Mazer in Prison, and The League War can be found in the collection War of Gifts. Gold Bug can only be found in the hardcover version of Red Prophet: The Tales of Alvin Maker - Volume 1.

I hope that this list helps you grasp what Enderverse content is currently available. It's one of the few larger world stories where all of the content is relatively easily obtainable.

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