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Ender's Game

Postby muss0070 » Wed Dec 14, 2011 9:38 am

After completing Ender's Game, the only thing I can continue to think about is how similar this is to training for current military personnel. After reading the biography of the author, Orson Card, it shows that he has a very educated background, living in North Carolina, where several military bases are located. His detail of the intense training, hardwork, and competition amongst students at the Battle School would be something that I feel would give men and women considering entering the military a good sense of what it would be like. How they continue to rank up Ender, and provide him with an opportunity to lead his Dragon Army - shows how similar to the military this is, who does operations given to those who deserve a chance to lead - and see their potential when leading a squad.

The only criticism I have about the novel would be regarding his brother Peter - I feel like I did not receive enough background on him other than he's 'out to take over the world' type of feeling. How was their relationship so broken and disrupted?

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