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Welcome to Pweb, FAQs, Introductions and Limeaid
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FAQ for New Members

Postby Jayelle » Tue Sep 20, 2011 8:46 am


Q: What is the point of/history of The Philotic Web?

Pweb is a fansite for the Enderverse novels, written by Orson Scott Card. We have existed since 2000. There have been rumours and discussion of a movie version of Ender's Game for many years now and so we report on any official news about that project and mostly dream that it will someday happen.

For a more detailed history of this board go to this thread

Q: Does Orson Scott Card read this board or post here?
No. This is site is unofficially connected with OSC. His official site is hatrack.com. As far as we know, he does not read anything on this board.
He has mentioned us in the acknowledgements of his books (which is perhaps how you found us), but unfortunately the old encyclopaedia that existed here has been lost in a crash several years ago. We are currently working on putting a main site up again.

Q: What are some of the shorthand used on this board?
PM= Private Message (the ability to do so is at the top of the page)
Mod = Moderator (the ones in charge)
OSC = Orson Scott Card (If you don't know who he is, why are you here?)
Pweb = Philotic Web

Q: Who are the current moderators? 

Currently Jayelle, Eaquae Legit, Locke, Luet and Dr. Mobius are moderators. As of Sept. 2011, Jayelle is the admin and mod. You'll notice the mods names are in a slightly different colour then other users.

Q: What do the titles under the usernames mean and how do I get one?

Some are for post count. 
0-50 is Launchie 
50-500 is Soldier 
500+ is a Toon Leader 
2000+ is Commander 
Speaker for the Dead is a moderator 

However, a few years ago, we started giving out custom titles. If you stick around for long enough, you'll get one. If you wish to have you custom title removed and returned to one based on post count, all you have to do is PM a Mod.

Q: Everyone seems to call each other by many different names and it's hard to keep track! How do I know who's who?

Welcome to the Pweb family. We're a bit of a close-knit bunch. Many of us refer to each other by our real names, our AIM names, Screen names, old Screen names and a few of us have nicknames (some even have nicknames they don't want!) Stick around for awhile and you'll catch on, coming to the pweb chat helps, too.

Q: Why is everyone berating me for making a new thread? 

Sometimes if a thread has been started several times or if there is already a well-established thread of the same topic, people can get a bit shirty about starting a new one. 
Try searching (the search function at the top of the page) to find out if there already is a thread and then bump it, rather then starting a new one.

Q: Why are people bugging me about my spelling/grammar/using allcaps/huge avatar/huge signature, etc? 

It comes down to this - readability. When you spell things badly, when you use poor grammar, when your signature takes up three times the length of your post, it's annoying and makes it harder to understand you.  Please keep avatars under the 100x100 pixal limit, simply because it can mess up the thread size, making everyone have to scroll back and forth horizontally – and nobody likes that!

Q: I picked the username EnderIsAwesome6785433 and now I'd like to change it to something more personal/memorable. Can I do that and still keep my post count, or do I have to re-register?

Yes, it's possible to do that. If your post count is high (like, over 500), we don't really have a problem changing your username. We don't make a habit of doing it repeatedly or with no good reason, though. Contact the mods via PM if you want to change.

Q: How do I post pictures? 

You'll need to upload them to another site first. Sites like Flickr, Photobucket and TinyPic do it for free. 

Here's a great step by step instruction for tinypic.
1) Go to www.tinypic.com 
2) Click the "Browse" button in the middle of the page, near the top. 
3) Browse your computer and find the picture and click "Open" 
4) Click the "Upload Now" button and wait. 
5) When it finished, find the line "IMG Code for Forums & Message Boards" 
6) Click the text box below that. It will automatically copy. 
7) Go to make a new post and paste (ctrl+v or right click->paste) the line. It should look like: 
http://i36.tinypic.com/xxxxxxx.jpg[ /i m g] (without the space)

Try not to post giant pictures, as they cause the whole thread to be big.

Q: What's the deal with the Confessions username? 

Confessions is a name that anyone can use, the password is "guilty". It's used primarily to confess things anonymously, and simply used to hide one's identity when posting something private or embarrassing. 

Any abuse of this username is not tolerated. This includes using Confessions in the chat.

Please be aware that the mods can see the IP of the person who posts (if they click on it - which they won't unless they have a damn good reason!), so it is not, in the strictest sense, entirely confidential.

Q: What is the deal with limeade? 

Limeade was first brought up in calvinball (a games thread). It is all related to the Canadian Alliance's lime tree and after that we got into the habit of giving it to new members. Traditionally only members of the CA would give it and I am not certain if that is still the case. 

Q: Who started PWEB and when? 

The original set of mods were Taalcon, Locke, IdemosthenesI, Boothby, Ethan and Amka (formerly Jane). It was opened in 2000. 

Around October or November of 2001 the original board crashed. Then once again, in September 2006 we had another crash. 

Q: What's Ye Olde Pweb and Pweb II? 

This board is the third incarnation of Pweb, the previous two had crashes and all posts on them were lost. It was very traumatic for some of us, so please be sensitive. *sniffle* This is also why post count on this board is somewhat deceptive. Many of us would have thousands more posts if these two boards hadn't been lost.

Whats the rule on fan fiction? Can I post my Ender/Bean slash fic here? Do you guys even like fan fiction?

OSC's position on fanfic.

Card is very against fanfic. Any fan fiction posted here will be immediately deleted without notice. In general OSC is highly antagonistic towards fan fiction and will vigorously enforce his rights. As an official OSC fansite we must support his position. Sorry.
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