Pequeninos life forms

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Pequeninos life forms

Postby Clockwork » Wed Nov 26, 2014 9:15 am

Regarding the biology of the Pequeninos, the followwing 'life forms' are mentioned (almost all from the perspective of the male Pequeninos in their second life):

First life ("Life-in-darkness", inside the Mothertree): worm-like infants male and female, of which most female infants have a very short lifecycle after travelling to and from a Fathertree and called (becoming) "Little mothers" and g

Second Life ("half-lit life"): "Brothers"and "Wives/Sisters (*)" ("sterile" female infants growing and leaving the Mothertree)

Third life ("life in the full light"): "Fathertrees" (ritually planted Brothers) and "Mothertrees" (ritually planted Wives), in philotic connection with eachother, and also with other species/beings/entities ("Hive Queen(s)" and Jane)

(*) The term sisters is mentioned in (at least) one the conversation between the Hive Queen and Human

Next to these life forms is one extra male life form mentioned: a "Brothertree", which is also a 'planted' Brother, but not ritually as with Fathertrees and (thus) not sentient, but conciousness?... Brothertrees are not regarded as being in their third life as one enters the third life as a fathertree or a mothertree? But they can 'sacrifice' themselves to provide tools, after a (one-way) communication request by Brothers, so can they be regarded as 'dead' (because it are the brothertree who transform themselves in the requested tools)

Besides the nature of a brothertree, what about Wives who are not ritually planted (and who do not enter the third life? Is there some "female" equivalent to a Brothertree? Or is the only option for a Wife to become a Mothertree or cease to exist.

For naming convention, there are even two possibilities: a "Wivetree" (logic naming from the point of view of the Brothers), or a "Sistertree" (logic naming from the point of view of the Wives (which are in fact Sisters to eachother as the Brothers are brothers to eachother).

Has this question already come up in the past?


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Re: Pequeninos life forms

Postby Pebbles8 » Mon Dec 01, 2014 6:18 am

We haven't seen any Pequeninos die from natural causes I don't think. The brother trees come about as a result of war. I'd imagine the wives would be somewhat shielded from war due to both protection from the brothers and all the brother and father trees sacrificing themselves. Also, it might be like a war crime to attack the wives and mothertree area.

So there probably aren't very many sistertrees. But I'd imagine there would be some.

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