Ender in Exile vs. Shadow of the Giant

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Ender in Exile vs. Shadow of the Giant

Postby PolishBoy%Private » Fri Nov 29, 2013 9:16 am

I just finished reading Shadow of the Giant and it seems there are several discrepancies in regards to how Peter's conversations with Ender went in EiE vs. SotG

1. Ender is Exhile describes how Peter in his fifties talks to Ender about his life. In Shadow of the Giant, Peter is in his seventies.
2. EiE - It takes Ender only five days to write The Hegemon. SofG - the book is unwritten for a long period of time after their conversations.
3. EiE - Peter reads the book but is told it won't be released until after his death. SotG - Peter never has a chance to read it, as it is unwritten for some time even after his death.
4. EiE - it's Graff who tells Ender that his parents and his brother died. SotG - Peter talks about Graff and Rackham as if they were already dead.

This isn't about Peter but still is a discrepancy:
5. EiE - Ender's journey takes only 35 Earth years. SotG - it takes fifty

Am I missing something or is OSC getting rather sloppy? I realize there are some differences between original Ender's Game and Ender in Exhile as those two were written 23 years apart but Shadow of the Giant came out only 3 years prior....

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Re: Ender in Exile vs. Shadow of the Giant

Postby thebelgian » Sun Mar 16, 2014 12:24 am

These are good observations. I agree with you that it is sloppy to have facts differ from book to book which could have easily been kept at hand using a timeline for each character.

With that in mind, OSC wrote in an afterword (I am not sure which) that such differences should be viewed as one would view differing accounts of historical events.

Regarding Graff specifically, could Peter be referring to Graff's being in stasis instead of his being dead?

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