Graff's lies?

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Graff's lies?

Postby ^Peter » Fri Feb 12, 2010 10:23 pm

"The sister is our weak link. He really loves her."
"I know. She can undo it all, from the start. He won't want to leave her."
"So what are you going to do?"
"I'll lie to him."
"And if that doesn't work?"
"Then I'll tell the truth . We're allowed to do that in emergencies. We can't plan for everything, you know."

During Graff's private conversation with Ender, which statements are lies and which are true?

Graff to Ender:
"Your father turned sixteen and invoked the Noncomplying Families Act to seperate himself from his family. He changed his name, renounced his religion, and vowed never to have more than the alloted two children. He meant it. All the shame and persecution he went through as a child-- he vowed no child of his would go through it."

As a contradiction, John Paul grew up in Poland, already a non-compliant nation. So he should have faced no persecution as a boy from a family of nine. Also, in First Meetings, Graff himself provides John Paul and his family a sort of cover-up, allowing them to move to the U.S. as "separate houses" making it seem like they were compliant families to anyone but the higher-ups in government. And as part of John Paul's "deal" with Graff in the short story "Polish Boy", John Paul himself, when he was still younger, made sure that his siblings and parents received rights as a compliant family, so there would be no need to invoke the Noncomplying Families Act at the age of sixteen.

Do you spot any other questionable statements in Graff's conversation with Ender? (Please don't make this an "Errors in Continuity" thread.)
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