Rules for All Members

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Rules for All Members

Postby Jayelle » Tue Sep 20, 2011 8:35 am


1.Be courteous and respectful of other members. FLAMING WILL NOT BE TOLARATED.

2.Don't post pictures, links or otherwise that is pornographic or illegal.

3.If you are being deliberately disrespectful or troll-like, we have a system of warnings.
Warning one – you lose your signature and avatar privileges for one month and your title is changed to “warned”
Warning two – lose privileges for three months.
Warning three – banned for three months
If a member who has been banned once needs to be banned again, it will be permanent.

4.Do not use our board to spam – that means, don't start a thread just to link us to your fabulous new moneymaking website and don't post over and over. New members will be judged more harshly on this point.

5.The Moderators rule is law. When a Mod tells you to quit doing something, listen. Often they will identify that they are speaking as a mod, rather then just as a regular poster.

6.There are a few threads with special rules. The Dear Bob/Diary/Journal thread is a bit of a sacred space around here – there is no judgement allowed in Bob. Responses to people's posts are allowed, but proceed with caution, most people just want to vent and that must be respected.
Religion threads are also to be posted in with respect. Please do not paint all people of one religion (or of one ideology) with one brush.

7. No abuse of the Confessions username (see FAQ for more details on this name)
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