Bringing Up Baby

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Bringing Up Baby

Postby locke » Mon Jun 01, 2009 1:46 am

"I just went gay all of a sudden!"

Bringing Up Baby is the all time greatest screwball comedy. Cary Grant is the frustrated, about-to-be-married zoologist who is about to complete his four years in the building brontosaurus exhibit for his museum and Katherine Hepburn is the tornado that suddenly discovers him and destroys his completely boring life. In the process of her driving him crazy they fall in love with each. First she with him, and then, finally he with her. It's inevitable, their chemistry together is simply too damn good for it not to happen.

And then there is Baby.

Which is not a baby.

Baby is the name of Susan's (Hepburn) pet leopard, who is tame as a kitten, likes dogs, and responds well to the classic tune, "I think you're doing well baby". So you have a bickering couple, a playful leopard, connecticutt, a batty aunt and her wacky beau, a befuddled sheriff and yes, a circus that happens to be in town and you have in place such an epic load of possibilities for vast hilarity that its hard to take everything in. The film plays great in a theatre, as the audience can really get going. It's still great on the small screen because unlike a lot of comedies, this one has no 'pause for laughter' moment at the big gags, the philosophy of the director was, "if they miss something cause they were laughing at an earlier bit, then they can go see it again." And the film certainly has a hair-brained pace and energy that is more akin to a Chuck Jones Bugs Bunny or Road Runner cartoon than a live action romantic adventure comedy. (in fact you could argue that it was likely a big influence on the Looney Tunes that Jones made). In any event, the film is a must see, a constant delight whether it is your first viewing or your fifth. :D
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