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Postby locke » Tue Apr 14, 2009 11:56 pm

Bolt is absolutely wonderful. Surprisingly charming, completely hilarious and just all around awesome. I'm buying it. and I wish I'd seen it in 3D

Ring, ring! Who's there? Destiny! I've been waiting for your call.

And oh, the script is amazingly hilarious, spot on funny. It's got a few holes, but for the most part it's a stellar piece of entertainment and the best work Disney has put out since Lilo and Stitch or Tarzan. it's like 1/3 Oliver and Company, 1/3 Toy Story, and 1/3 Animaniacs with a slight dash of Lion King thrown on top. And the amazing thing is that it really works, and like Shrek is quite possibly an even more appealing movie for adults than it is for children. My god the brilliant satiric double send-up of X-Men and Disney Channel original programming in the episode of Bolt we see at the beginning is worth the price of admission alone. :)

Wow. Okay, you want reality, here you go chief. The show's too predictable. The girl's in danger, the dog saves her from the creepy english guy, we get it. There's always a happy ending. And our focus groups tell us 18 to 35 year olds are unhappy. They're not happy with happy. So maybe you should, I don't know, spend a little less time worrying about the dog's method acting, and more time figuring out how to stop 20 year olds in Topeka from changing the channel. Because if you lose so much as half a rating point, so help me, I will fire everyone in this room, starting with you! How's that for real?
So, Lone Star, now you see that evil will always triumph because good is dumb.

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