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Ender's Game the Film

Posted: Wed May 02, 2012 9:09 pm
by bulldogs020
I read Ender's Game for a college course and was unsure of how I would enjoy this novel after reading summaries. Of course the reviews are positive and I have heard wonderful things about this novel, but before this course I have never been a person who reads science fiction novels, but after this book I have become a fan.

While reading this novel I began to wonder if there had ever been a movie created, or in creation, and after finishing the novel, I had my question answered. Now that I have my first question answered, I have come with a second, Will the film be able to capture the creativeness and themes presented in this novel?

This is a novel that I feel may not turn to be a good film; unless done correctly. Although there is a solid cast lined up for this film, I still have my doubts.

One reason I have my doubts is based on the technology in this film. I feel that the game room, for which the students learn the art of battle will be easy for the producers to create, but will they be able to capture the full effect and feel behind it? I was recently let down by the film The Hunger Games as I was a big fan of the novel, but feel the movie was not done correctly or well enough.

One part of this story I feel will also not be captured well enough is the ending, when Ender and his peers believe they are still practicing war games, and in reality are battling the enemies. I feel that this is an image and a feel that can only be captured in text, and that a film will not give it the full effect of how this changes Ender.

Re: Ender's Game the Film

Posted: Wed May 02, 2012 10:47 pm
by Tiny genius
These are all being discussed in other threads not too far away but nevertheless the points are valid and I'll try to answer them. In short, EG will be a VERY delicate film to make. If done right (and by right I mean as close to the book's effect as possible) it'll be successful and brilliant. It'll be AMAZING. However, do it a little wrong and the thing is stuffed, ruined. The effect finding out he'd killed the buggers had on Ender I believe could possibly be done, especially in his dreams but the feel of the battle room, I think you've hit something there. They'll need to show something of the deep tactics of anticipation, pre-emptive manuver and outguessing an opponent who's already thinking four steps ahead but they'll have to do it without making the battle impossibly complex to follow. Certain tactical inovations can be expressed easily like his fights with Banzo, William and Momo, but as for the rest of it... hmmm...

P.S. I too was let down a little by The Hunger Games.