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Kantian Ethics

Posted: Thu Dec 22, 2011 10:35 pm
by mikesterling
Kantian Ethics are a form of ethics the lies on the foundation of two categorical imperatives. The first Imperative is that any maxim or action done must be able to be willed into a universal law. the second foundation is that you shall treat people as an end and never merely as a means. When thinking about this book from this view point you see that everything that happened to Ender was not moral and unethical. the first imperative was clearly violated because if everyone lied like Graff lied to ender and that was willed, there would be no honesty, and this would lead to anarchy because no human interaction would be possible. the second foundation that you must treat people as an end is also clearly violated because they use Ender only as a mean to reach their desired end. From this point of view it really makes you hate Graff and the rest of the staff because they take advantage of Ender with no concern for him as a person with dignity. They treat him like a thing that has price and can easily be replaced, when Ender is a living being with rights and clearly enough intelligence to decide his own actions. This book shows how people can take advantage of the unknowing and will take advantage of the unknowing. In the end it makes me sick to my stomach when I think of how Ender was treated like a microwave that you can go to sears to pick up and not like a human that has pride, dignity, and rights.