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alice in wonderland like enders game?

Posted: Sat Mar 06, 2010 2:41 am
by ptr.arkanian
so i saw tim burton's new alice in wonderland movie last night. personally i loved it and i thought it was amazing. but thats not the point of this.
if you havent seen the new movie and you want to. stop reading this.
but if you have: the whole way that alice goes back to wonderland or underland as a grown up and in the beginning the underland characters lead her through the same experiences she lived through the first time around because they want to see if she is the real alice. and because she is, she discovers them and they tell her why they lead her there. isnt that alot like at the end of ender's game when ender visits the former formic world and encounters the same experiences he encountered in the fantasy game. like alice says "it wasnt a dream it was a memory" ender, like alice, followed the path that was built for him and it lead him to the hive queen. there he found his quest. alice's quest was to slay the jaberwakee; ender's was to bring the formics back...
anyone agree with me? questions, comments? i just thought id share my idea