Would the FPE work in real life?

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Re: Would the FPE work in real life?

Postby Taalcon » Wed Dec 28, 2011 1:40 pm

Which is why, as an individual and father, I am seeking to become as educated as possible on our history (as a world, not just a nation), and be able to share that with my children. I don't doubt, AviLocke, that you will be a better teacher than those I had teaching me history. Because I left the school system knowing nothing about history. I'm now reading histories on my own time, and learning how much essential information I simply wasn't taught.

I'm also far more interested and self-motivated in learning (and applying) history now than I ever was in high school.

Do not forget that history is subjective, The only way to have a better idea of the truth is to read both sides of the story ;-)
Which is why I read not only multiple historians approaching the subjects, but also attempt to peruse the primary documents, when available.

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Re: Would the FPE work in real life?

Postby TerresaWiggin » Sun Feb 24, 2013 11:14 pm

I think it could as long as you view the FPE similarly to how I do which is a government that unifies the world but doesn't govern it. Laws and policies would need to be decided country by country.
"when a school counselor called her in to tell her that the school administration was growing concerned about the fact that Petra seemed to be associating with the antisocial element in the school, she knew that she was truly at home in Maralik."

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Re: Would the FPE work in real life?

Postby Sharpe » Sat Mar 02, 2013 8:58 pm

I think it could if:

1) Humanity colonizes Space. If the Human race starts colonizing other planets and solar systems the earth will become so "Small" as to be controllable by one entity. This trend is visible in the mid-late 1800s; while transportation and industry grew, states unified and became bigger. Unfortunatly, Space colonization is probably not possible without a unified earh

2) Alien invasion, really don't see that happening

3) A really long and violent war on earth. Something like this did happen in the Shadow books, but I think realistically that a war that would lead to a 1 World Government would need to be muuuch longer.

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