I'm back...

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I'm back...

Postby Qing_Jao » Thu Oct 18, 2007 4:40 pm

Yeah, So, I left rather unexpectedly. It really was something stupid: the ISP raised their rates past our ability to pay, so they took our service, of course. So, it's taken us this long to get restarted. Different options came and went, and never worked out... So, I'm hoping this does. It's quite a bit cheaper, but it's still what we need, so... We're okay. During that time I realized how much I missed having connections to anybody, because, of course, my cell phone decided to refuse to work, and we didn't have a land line.

Anyway, I'm back. Maybe not quite as much at this point, but eh. (Thinking more about the chat than the boards, because I don't post here very often, although I do read...)
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