Prank the Super Bowl

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Prank the Super Bowl

Postby Seiryu » Wed Mar 21, 2007 3:05 am

The people of have apparently pulled off one of the biggest pranks of all time.
We're always told to be afraid of terrorists broadcasting secret messages on national TV. I've always wondered: don't the terrorists have Yahoo Groups? Can't they just send out an Evite when it's time to stage an attack?

To promote the new ZUG book, PRANK THE MONKEY, we wanted to show how easy it would be to broadcast a secret terrorist message not just on national TV, but on TV's biggest event.

We hacked the Super Bowl.

Super Bowl halftime show featuring PrinceDuring the second quarter of Super Bowl XLI, a team of elite, highly-trained pranksters quietly distributed 2,350 packets to the lower east section of Dolphin Stadium. These "Party Packs" contained a six-inch light-up necklace, along with official-looking instructions. By wearing the necklace lights during the halftime show, Super Bowl fans believed they would be spelling out the word "PRINCE."

But they weren't. They were spelling a secret message that was broadcast to 93.1 million people around the globe.

You're about to read a real-life heist story. Super Bowl XLI was a Level One national security event, usually reserved for Presidential inaugurations. We had to get two full vanloads of materials through federal marshals, Homeland Security agents, police, police dogs, bomb squads, ATF personnel, robots, and a five-ton state-of-the-art X-ray crane. It took four months and a dozen people to pull off the prank that ended up fooling the world.

This is the Super Stunt.
And here is the website along with a video in there of how all that took place. I just have to say that these people have guts.

Edit: Okay, so the video of how they did it is actually right here. That video on there is not that good, but here we go:
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