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Sticky Music..............

Posted: Mon Mar 10, 2014 6:33 am
by Bagliun Edar
"Quit my job this morning, said forever
"I would hold my head up high
"Cause I need metal in my life
"Just like an eagle needs to fly"

"So I walked outside into the street
"From a hall I heard thunder and screams
"I walked inside so I could hear
"And the guy beside me gave me a beer"

"He had his fist up in the air
"And called me brother
"Said my friends are over there

"They call themselves immortals
"They're the truest of the true
"And in that very moment
"I was born again like you"

"They said hold your head up high
"Raise your fist up in the air
"Play metal louder than hell
"Louder than hell"

This has been playing over and over in my head..........