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Posted: Tue Jul 17, 2012 6:39 am
by Satya
Hey Pweb.

You might have noticed (yet another) long absence from me for a while lately.

The reason? I've been putting together a website; an imageboard for pony. I and a bunch of others have felt kind of a broad gap exists between the realm of 4chan's pony related spot (which are as you might expect of them) and very stringent spots elsewhere. is branded as a relatively loose, yet still well attended to imageboard format that we launched a few days ago and are starting to build our userbase. Anyone with any tangential interest in the show or the fandom or even just chatting is welcome. We have a pretty wide array of features built in to a great software and on a superb dedicated host. Thankfully now that the preparation and such is done and we're open I'll have a bit more time for dropping by here too.