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Better World Books

Posted: Mon Jun 08, 2009 1:30 am
by locke
I first ran across Better World Books a couple months ago when I was buying the rest of the Prince of Nothing series in hardback (hard to beat picking up the books for less than $6 shipped). and I'm sort of in love with the concept.

It's kind of like an online used book store that actually possesses the feel of a real used book store. Since LA does not have a great used book store or even a great book store (the closest is Vroman's which is in Pasadena and so barely counts as LA anyway cause it's too damn far to drive to ;)) it's nice to have that feeling a bit.

at least we have Amoeba as one of the ultimate used music stores. :D

Anyways as I will soon be packing I'll again be culling a few books (though fewer than before) but this time I have a place to send them to!

So I thought I should share my find with pweb. Enjoy.