Book Club Rules - Revised

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Book Club Rules - Revised

Postby Rei » Tue Oct 03, 2006 8:45 pm

Okay, since the rules for the old book club have been lost with the boards, we have composed a new set of rules.

Choosing a Book

We have decided to revise the rules of how we run the book club. Instead of having a vote and pestering people to vote on a short list, Kelly and I will select one which we feel would be a good book to read here. We will certainly look at the Book Recs thread for ideas, although books we select may or may not come from ones mentioned there.


One word posts are not generally constructive in a discussion and if we feel it is spam, it will be deleted. Discussions here are to be focussed on the topic at hand, that being the book on the podium and things pertaining to it. The standard decency and language rules are in place, here, with the added consideration of what is productive for discussion.

And I believe that is everything. Happy reading!
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